What The Olympics Can Teach Us About PR

February 21, 2019

Right now, wherever you turn, whatever you watch or read, you will see something about the Olympics. And while the IOC and all of the license and rights holders are trying to keep everything from use of logos to GIFS and Vines under control, everyone is trying to get a piece of the Olympic buzz.

And rightfully so. There have been thousands of stories published in the lead-up to the Opening Ceremony and there will be even more published in the next few weeks.

Timeliness is key in PR but you also need to be thoughtful. Does your company have a direct tie-in with the Olympics? Are there some interesting facts, figures or analyses your company can uniquely provide about the historical events taking place? Or is it a stretch and you could be viewed as inauthentic?

You also need to consider the message and tone, especially given the controversies surrounding this year's competition. Health scares, scandals and other questions have been raise throughout the lead up and they probably won't subside. Is your company comfortable with the possible links to these issues? Do you have public comments prepared if asked?

It is important to be aware of news cycles and jump on them as quickly as possible -- if and only if appropriate and not forced.

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